Tea & Books with Laura Bradford
Saturday, June 30, 1-3pm


Join us as we have tea and talk books with our store’s top selling author- Laura Bradford.

Laura will be celebrating the launch of her newest book- Portrait Of A Sister

Katie Beiler was always the follower to her twin sister Hannah’s lead. That is until Hannah left their Amish upbringing for an English life—leaving Katie to find her own footing in a world that no longer looks as it once did . . .
Katie has always imagined her life being just like Mamm’s. It’s why she chose baptism and why she’ll soon marry Abram Zook. But ever since Hannah left, the only thing that truly makes Katie smile is the sketchpad in which she indulges her talent for drawing faces—a sin that, if discovered, could get her shunned by her family, her friends, and even Abram. Yet Katie sees her secret pastime as the only way to quiet a growing restlessness she’d just as soon ignore. That is until their Mamm’s untimely death brings Hannah back home to Pennsylvania, with a new outlook on life, a man she adores, and, soon, an invitation for Katie to visit her in New York City.
Suddenly, Katie is experiencing a freedom she’s never had, in a world she never imagined. She’s also spending time in the company of a fellow dreamer, someone who sees her as strong and brave and makes her laugh. But it’s when Hannah shows Katie’s drawings to a gallery owner that she truly finds herself at a crossroads between the only life she’s ever known and the powerful lure of an unfamiliar future.



“A charming, well-told story of love and devotion between sisters.” –New York Times bestselling author Rachel Hauck
“Kudos to Bradford for a complex and compelling story about faith, family, and love.” –Sally Kilpatrick, author of Bless Her Heart

PRE-ORDER a SIGNED copy and save 15%

(signed books will be mailed the first week of July or available for pick-up at the event. Event RSVP’s will be taken beginning May 1)

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