Dungeons, Dragons, & The Bookstore


There’s something fantastic about coming to the bookstore after-hours, filling up a plate with snacks, pouring a glass of wine, and sitting down with friends to battle wights, dragons, and, in one scenario, a possessed broom. I’ll be honest, it’s not something I saw coming, or anticipated enjoying as obsessively as I do now. I didn’t understand how people could get caught up in a world filled with gnomes, orcs, and demonic household materials.


What I quickly realized though was how ADDICTIVE playing structured make-believe with adults can be. Most classify D&D as role playing, but let’s be real here, that’s just another phrase for playing pretend (which I find perfectly acceptable because playing pretend while drinking is freaking hilarious).

My character, for example, is an Aarakocra bird-being named Tzatziki (or Tiki for short).


Did I name my character after a Greek cucumber yogurt? Yes. Yes, I did (prior to imbibing anything mind you).

As an Aarakocra, while I’m actively playing the game I get to do things like squawk and chirp. This is particularly effective when cheering on my adoptive dwarf sister as she brawls with an orc at the sketchiest bar in town that we could find.

*Scr-eeeeee* Hit him with your mace, YOUR MACE! *Ka-caaaw*

She got absolutely clobbered by that orc, but we both had fun raising hell. This is what Tiki and her dwarf sibling do, and have done, throughout their childhood in the mountains. Her dwarf sister is the muscle, Tiki the beady-eyed and feathered agitator. Tiki’s back story includes falling from her nest as a hatchling, when her sky village was massacred by a dragon, only to be raised by a noble clan of mountain dwarves.

SEE HOW THIS STUFF SUCKS YOU IN??? It’s compelling, it’s emotional, and with the right group of people you feel like you’re living it in real time.

players handbook

This is the kind of good, wholesome, bar trashing excitement that I can appreciate. Destroying public property in real life? Not so much. Marauding after-hours at the bookstore with a group of awesome people and good food? Yes. Yes to all those things, basically for always.

I hope you’ll join us for some of the casual Dungeons and Dragons nights Sam put on the schedule. The first evening soiree is June 1st, and should be a riot whether you know what you’re doing, or, like me, you love sharing good food and making bird noises in the bookstore.


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