Aaron’s Books: Inspiring Readers of All Ages

Hey there book nerds! Kristin here. Hopefully you already know that Aaron’s Books is your local place to find out about new books or to rediscover your old literary loves, but did you know that Aaron’s is a place where the community is invited to take an active part in cultivating a love of literature? I mean, how cool is that?  Seriously. Not every town has an independent book store as awesome as this one.

So, on April 15th, Courtney Sheinmel, author of the Stella Batts series and Edgewater, as well as the upcoming series The Kindness Club (due for publication in November 2016), visited Aaron’s Books for an afternoon of snacks and “book talk” with some local elementary school kids. Seriously guys, it was the cutest thing. You should’ve seen it. And Courtney was SO GOOD with those kids. No script, no agenda, just a bunch of book lovers sitting around a table, hanging out and talking about books. You know, as you do on a Friday afternoon after school. Too freaking cute.


Kids of all ages sat around a table and talked with Courtney about writing, asking questions about her stories and how she gets her ideas.  Adelyn and Laela (a 3rd and 1st grader, respectively) were two of those kiddos (and, full disclosure, they’re also my nieces), so I sat down to ask them what they thought about getting to meet a real, live author!

Q: What was it like to meet a real author, and did you learn anything from Courtney?

A: (Laela) It was cool because we never get to see real writers. In books there’s only little pictures and that tell you about the author.
(Adelyn) I thought it was really cool because usually you don’t get to meet the author of a book and because you can actually see the author and you can ask her questions about the book you like. Courtney said that it’s really interesting to write because you get reports from the editor. Writing is pretty fun because you can make up anything and it can be fiction or non fiction.

Q: Did meeting Courtney make you think maybe you could be a writer when you grow up?

A: (Laela) Yeah, I thought that writing is cool because in my reading group at school I get to write about things and I can do super sentences with a capital with a verb, a noun, and punctuation.
Adelyn) I thought maybe I could publish a book of my own someday. My book would be about these girls and they have their own horses and they like to hang out together.

Q: I would totally read that book. Okay, last question: Should Aaron’s Books keep bringing in authors for kids?

A: (Adelyn) Yes. My mom said it’s pretty special that the author signed my book. Courtney wrote that she likes my name and she might put it in a book someday! It was cool to hear other kids’ opinions, too, about the books she writes. More parents could bring their kids and then we could talk about what we liked in the book!

Methinks we have some future book club members here.

We hear a lot about kids being too wrapped up in technology with increased “screen time”, but the youngest members of our community are excited about books and reading, and Aaron’s Books is dedicated to fostering a love of literature in readers of all ages. Check out the store’s upcoming events (Hint: April 30th is going to be awesome) to take an active part in supporting our community of readers and what I will henceforth call Book Nerd Culture – or just Nerd Culture, really.


Peace out, book nerds.


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