Binge Worthy Series

My mother says I inherited what she describes as my father’s “excess gene”.

Making macaroni and cheese? Triple the batch! Add lobster! I must swim in cheese! MORE BUTTER!

IMG_0597 3

The excess gene also seems to affect my reading habits. On a few occasions I’ve come into work at the bookstore, dark circles, red eyes, yawning like someone recovering from a hellacious bender. No, not drugs. Totally sober. Completely exhausted though because I literally couldn’t stop reading.

IMG_0666 2

Most people have the common sense to mark the page and close the book as night turns into morning, turns into afternoon, turns into the next night.

So here is my latest recommendation, a binge worthy, sleep depriving series that will hook you and keep you on the line until the very last page. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Please don’t forget to eat, drink water, and maybe power nap or something.


The Red Rising Trilogy by Pierce Brown

This dystopian vision of our future on Mars, living in a regimented caste system, paints a bloody picture of how society functions. NPR nailed it when they described plot construction as Brown’s most “breathtaking talent”. The political intrigue, combined with epic battle sequences, will keep you rooting for Darrow throughout all three books.

As with most great series you expect to find a weak point, that sad inevitable middle child. That wasn’t my experience with the Red Rising series. It could be the lack of sleep talking, but every single book, the numerous twists and turns, kept me rapt.

Look for Red Rising, Golden Son, and Morning Star in your favorite local indie bookstore.

Happy Reading!




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    1. Hey thanks! Book picture tips? Hrrmmm, lighting and a nice dark background are always good. Red Rising is a tough series to pick up and put back down. I’d recommend finding it if you’ve got a bit a free time to devote to it.

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